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5Elem Fire Hose is an all polyester single jacketed product. It is of light weight and compact, approximately half the weight of  standard rubber lined single or double jacket hose.
It is light weight, good flexibility, high elasticity and flexibility.

The liner process produces an amazingly thin but smooth inner  waterway, yielding an extremely low friction loss for maximum flow. Working test pressure 900 PSI. Available in 1 1/2? and 2 1/2?. UL Listed.


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KEY FIRE HOSE-Premium-grade nitrile rubber cover and extruded through-the-weave construction take this Dura Flow Rubber-covered Fire Hose to the top of its class. Superior strength and resistance to abrasion, ozone, chemicals, oil and heat. Available in diameters 1"-3".Length: 50' or 100'. Specify couplings/thread. Hose is maintenance-free. 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Meets all N.F.P.A. requirements for Fire Hose, current edition. Colors: Red, Yellow. Test Pressure: 600 P.S.I.. Service Pressure: 300 P.S.I.. Burst Pressure: 900 P.S.I. Made in U.S.

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YAMATO FIRE HOSE is available in both single jacket and double jacket types.  The type you choose depends on your application.  Single jacket hose is typically rated at 300 PSI test pressure, while double jacket is rated at 600 PSI test pressure.  Made in Japan.


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ANOFLEX FIRE HOSE- Rubber lined and coated by textile, it is pump accessories and widely used by firemen, Available on single and double jacket 50 ft. and 100 ft. with a diameter of 1 1/2? and 2 1/2? with a working test pressure of 300 PSI. Made in France



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